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Major work safety inspections around the country: Hebei has the problem of "hot at the top and cold at the bottom"

according to the State Administration of work safety, from August 14 to 20, the steering group of the office of the State Council work safety committee successively supervised major work safety inspections in Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Guizhou, Tibet and other places, and openly and secretly visited more than 80 enterprises and units in key industries such as coal mines, non coal mines, and hazardous chemicals, The special supervisor inspected the handling of recent accidents and drew inferences from other cases

the steering group found that although the major safety production inspection has been carried out in an all-round way and achieved initial results, the progress across the country is uneven, and there are problems in varying degrees, such as inadequate self-examination and self correction, incomplete investigation and governance, and lax supervision and law enforcement. Efforts to prevent and contain major accidents still need to be strengthened

the safety production inspection in Hebei Province has the problem of "hot at the top and cold at the bottom", and the safety supervision in some regions is weak. The number of accidents and deaths in July, and the number of companies adopting short process production mode increased year on year. A "July 21" major traffic accident occurred in Yu County, Zhangjiakou City. Some enterprises have not completely checked and corrected themselves to meet the requirements of tightening and fatigue. For example, some roadways of Xuanhua County dabaiyang gold mine are still supported by wood support banned by the state, and the oil storage tanks in the south station oil depot of Sinopec Zhangjiakou sales branch are not equipped with emergency shut-off valves, all of which have major potential safety hazards

the accountability exposure of some cities and counties in Shanxi Province is not enough. Since the launch of the general inspection in early July, Datong has only exposed 10 fire hazard units. Some enterprises did not carry out in-depth self-examination and self-improvement. The steering group spot checked the open-pit coal mines around the area where the "August 11" slope landslide accident just occurred. It was found that the dump of Shanxi Xiyang Anshun Beiping coal industry company did not operate by steps according to the regulations, and there was a landslide risk. In addition, the management of the same integration subject as the accident coal mine was "only nominal, with no reduction range of 5 ⑴ 0% for good management"

some departments in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have lax safety law enforcement, more inspections and less punishment, and insufficient efforts to crack down on violations. Some local coal mine safety supervision departments lack professional and technical personnel, and the supervision force is insufficient. The manitu coal mine in Abaga banner did not strictly implement the construction safety measures, and some wellheads were not closed. Some coal mining enterprises in Xilin Gol League opencast mining area have illegal mining activities beyond the boundary. Baotou public transport group long distance passenger transport corporation has illegal affiliated operation of vehicles

the deployment of major inspection work in some counties and districts in Hubei province lags behind, and even some units have less inspection content in the major inspection plan than the requirements of the State Council, and the time schedule is slower than the requirements of the State Council. The revision and improvement of the safety management system and safety management system in some enterprises are obviously lagging behind. For example, Huangshi merchants gas company is still implementing the 2011 compilation of safety production regulations and systems (4) the controller power must be turned off when plugging in and out the interface on the controller. Many years after the enterprise restructuring and the issuance of new laws and regulations, there is no improvement system, let alone the revision of the enterprise safety management system

some regions and departments in Guizhou province did not refine the major inspection plan in combination with the actual situation, and did not clarify the key points and lists of self inspection and self correction of enterprises. Coal mining enterprises generally do not carry out self inspection and self correction in strict accordance with the requirements, and some enterprises have prominent hidden dangers and problems. Some roadways of wuchong coal mine in Caiguan Town, Xixiu District, Anshun City did not measure the basic parameters of gas according to the safety regulations, and the regional gas control measures were lack of pertinence

some regions of the Tibet Autonomous Region have not established special institutions for major inspections, and the work arrangement is not timely. The law enforcement documents of tourism, transportation and other departments are not standardized, and the technical investigation of road traffic accidents is more important than the investigation. For example, in the "March 09" major road traffic accident in Tangbei section of national highway 109, only truck drivers were punished, and the transportation company to which the truck belongs was not investigated. Self inspection and self-improvement of some enterprises are mere formality. For example, there are many potential safety hazards in the infrastructure of Linzhi Jinniu gas station

for the hidden dangers found in the supervision and inspection, the steering group has fed back to the provincial governments, requiring all regions to adhere to the problem orientation, focus on the "five batches", implement, strictly enforce the law, supervise and urge rectification, and resolutely prevent and contain major accidents. The office of the safety committee of the State Council will follow up and urge the implementation of rectification in various regions to be included in the comprehensive supervision focus of the safety committee of the State Council in September

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