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To make the control more sensitive, Xiaomi cc9e thousand yuan machine also adopts AMOLED screen

now AMOLED screen is no longer exclusive to the flagship, and more and more people with 2000 yuan or even in their early 1000's are slowly using AMOLED screen. AMOLED is becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, its display characteristics make it better than LCD in display effect. On the other hand, its structural advantages, light and power-saving characteristics and the support of screen fingerprints make AMOLED more valuable than LCD microcomputer control system in the automatic control of various modes of experimental force, displacement and deformation. How about the screen effect? We selected the mainstream 1500 yuan price range for a number of tests

first of all, we need to understand that OLEDs, that is, organic light-emitting diodes, form a thin sandwich structure through the positive pole, light-emitting layer and negative pole. When the voltage is sufficient, the electrons of the positive and negative electrodes will combine to emit light in the light-emitting layer. By using different color developing materials, the three primary colors of red, green and blue can be produced. This means that the most famous experimental machine is the basic color rendering principle of OLED screen, in which the active organic light emitting diode is called AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode)

compared with thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (LCD), AMOLED screen has the following advantages:

lighter and thinner

amoled self luminous characteristics, does not need LCD backlight structure, and the whole is lighter and thinner. On the one hand, the thinner module thickness is conducive to making it lighter and thinner. On the other hand, the weight advantage of AMOLED screen itself is also getting heavier and heavier today, making AMOLED screen more popular with consumers

high brightness and low power consumption

lcd backlight after passing through multi-layer panels, the brightness loss is large, and AMOLED directly emits light on the light-emitting layer, so it has the advantage of higher brightness under the same power consumption, or lower power consumption under the same display effect. Moreover, each pixel of the AMOLED screen emits light independently. When the black display directly turns off the corresponding pixel, when the tear line always deviates 10mm, it can save power and make the black display more pure

the AMOLED screen of Xiaomi cc9e is more pure in black, while the other three models are LCD screens, which can obviously see the phenomenon of white and gray caused by backlight, and the glory 20i can also see the obvious uneven backlight

this pure white comparison also shows that the display of Xiaomi cc9e with AMOLED screen is closer to the original color, the white is more pure, the display is transparent, and the overall display effect is more uniform. The other three LCD screens have appeared "black shadow" to varying degrees, especially the glory 20i. It can be clearly seen that there are serious uneven brightness around, at the top and at the bottom, resulting in white looking a little "dirty"

high contrast, brighter colors

compared with LCD, AMOLED screen has the most obvious characteristics of brighter colors, higher contrast and wider color gamut coverage

Xiaomi cc9e with AMOLED screen has richer colors and more obvious color levels. The black LCD screen of glory, vivo and oppo is obviously white, and the loss of color can be clearly seen in the white part

large viewing angle

amoled screen has a larger viewing angle, and there will be no serious white and gray, or even color loss, like LCD screen when viewed from the side

from the side, the cc9e white display with AMOLED screen is more normal. The other three LCD screens can see obvious graying, and the visual angle is poor, of which vivo Y3 is slightly better, and glory 20i is the worst

the color content displayed is that except for Xiaomi cc9e, the three LCD screens have obvious color loss. The LCD backlight makes the black display very "dirty", in which vivo Y3 can also see obvious light leakage

low delay

amoled Zhongwang has launched technical cooperation with many car manufacturers such as golden brigade bus. Each pixel is controlled and switched independently. When the picture changes quickly, each pixel can be switched quickly, and the picture delay is extremely low, which is more effective than LCD screen

in general, AMOLED is more fragrant than LCD in terms of color display effect and structural characteristics, with its more gorgeous picture effect, thinner and more power-saving, and the natural advantages of using advanced screen fingerprints. It is not difficult to understand why AMOLED screens have an increasing share in the market, and the addition of "DC dimming" function in high-end products has also slowly collapsed the last protective wall of LCD

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