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Make detection simpler and more reliable

verisens visual sensor is a classic work of Borg alliance, which contains Borg alliance's processing concept of visual detection, that is, adhere to the principle of accurately solving all complex detection tasks in the shortest time. Therefore, it is favored by users in food and beverage, industrial packaging, logistics handling and other industries, and is the best choice to ensure the high-end quality of testing products

today, we tell you another story about the application of verisens vision sensor in baomeng

today, with more and more material products and better tensile properties, people have more diversified choices. Taking the high-end normal temperature yogurt products of a certain brand as an example, in order to meet the various requirements of the market for taste, color and capacity, the manufacturer has made several flavors of yogurt to meet the needs of all kinds of people. At the same time, in order to distinguish different products, manufacturers also designed different packaging boxes

in order to test whether the packaging of yogurt products meets the standards, in the last link of the production line, smart cameras will be used to shoot, compare and identify each product to eliminate products that do not meet the regulations. For example, check whether the straw attached to the packaging box of yogurt products is present and whether the position meets the requirements

we all know that verisens can be different from an ordinary visual sensor. It integrates image sensor, light source, optical elements, hardware/software, Ethernet and digital interface used to connect PLC. With simple configuration, it can perform tasks like a visual system, whether it is feature detection focusing on specific details and omni-directional recognition, or the shape, outline, area and angle of the tested object, Verisens can handle it easily

in this application detection, verisens is first applied to detect the presence and position of the straw on each packaging box. In view of the characteristics of this application, baomeng chose XF series of verisens vision sensor for it. XF series integrates LED light source (white light or infrared light), which can highlight some characteristics of objects and minimize the influence of ambient light; In addition, verisens can still use the object contour to recognize the super strong object recognition ability in weak light. An American Recycling Association said that it will increase the quality of attention, so that the vision system can complete the detection task without adding additional light sources

verisens' detection can be fast and accurate. It can take photos of up to 20 detected objects for comparison in one second, and it is very simple. It only needs to take a picture of the object to be detected, so it can distinguish the image, accurately detect whether the object is suitable and compare the coordinate values. Obviously, this is more than enough to deal with the detection in dairy production

in fact, with the increasingly mature sensing technology and vision technology, the value embodiment of a product often needs to be measured from multiple perspectives. In addition to the performance and stability of the product, verisens visual sensor is one step ahead in terms of operation friendliness, easy to use, easy to learn and so on

based on the requirements of flexibility and versatility in image detection of products, bormeng adhered to the design concept of intuitive and integrated operation when designing verisens visual sensor, and configured it with all necessary hardware and software for complete image processing. It can be intuitively configured on the computer to complete various task management, and any user can complete the goal of image processing tasks through a few simple steps

in terms of operation, bormeng has configured a very friendly operation interface for verisens visual sensor. In the application, the operators on the production line do not need to spend extra time to learn. It only takes a few minutes to complete the product configuration, which is much more convenient than similar products in the market

generally, when talking about which products DuPont will launch, the detection of yogurt often involves the location of products, and even the detection of some production dates and production information, which often require different detection tools. Manufacturers not only need to purchase different products, but also need each operator to understand different product settings. After discovering that AK can be used to evaluate the toughness and brittleness of materials, verisens visual sensor has a strong detection ability, the vast majority of the detection of the yogurt factory can be completed with only one verisens series, providing reliable support for the high-end route of yogurt products

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