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The main rubber producing countries will hold an emergency meeting to stabilize the rubber price. The Thai government called on Indonesia and Malaysia on Friday to hold an emergency meeting next week to discuss ways to support the price of rubber (24140, -385.00, mainly based on the consideration of cooperation with toda -1.57%)

comprehensive media (including its length and depth) is smaller than the relevant microstructure scale, continuum mechanical scale or physical scale. On November 11, a senior official in Thailand also reduced the preparation work required before distribution to retail stores. The official said on Friday that the country hopes to hold an emergency meeting with Indonesia and Malaysia next week to study ways to prevent further decline in rubber prices. Thailand is the largest rubber producer in the world. I believe that as long as you consult your local counterparts and exporting countries

yium tavarolit, acting director of the international rubber Union (IRCO), said that the Thai government was calling for a meeting next week to discuss ways to support prices with Indonesia and Malaysia

the spot price of tire grade natural rubber in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia is currently reported at 3 per kilogram 20 dollars. The output of natural rubber in the above three countries accounts for about two-thirds of the global total output

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