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The major project of the National 863 Plan "deep mineral resources exploration technology" appeared

at the 2017 China International Mining Conference, some colorful portable small instruments attracted the attention of many participants. These instruments used for deep underground resource exploration are the research and development achievements of the major national 863 Program "deep mineral resource exploration technology"

major projects of the National 863 plan have attracted the attention of the polyurethane industry. "Deep mineral resources exploration technology" is undertaken by the Institute of mineral resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. After more than 4 years of research and development of recyclable multi-layer composite flexible packaging films - such as pet/polypropylene, pet/polyethylene, and metal plastic composites, the project has successfully developed 39 sets of instrument and equipment systems with independent intellectual property rights. As one of the important achievements of deep exploration in the "three depths and one soil" theme of the "13th five year plan" scientific and technological innovation strategy of land and resources, it was unveiled at the 2017 China International Mining Conference

according to the introduction, the above achievements are mainly aimed at the current situation that China's deep resource exploration technology and equipment are highly dependent on others and the key technologies are controlled by others. The goal is to improve the depth, accuracy, resolution and anti-interference ability of deep resource exploration technology, overcome a number of core technologies such as high sensitivity, and develop high-power pseudo-random electromagnetic detection technology, distributed telemetry seismic detection system A number of urgently needed technologies and equipment, such as high-precision gravity detection, have broken through the 2000 meter deep exploration technology, forming a three-dimensional detection technology system from ground to underground, from structural detection to material detection, and adapting to complex geological conditions, providing technical support for China's resource exploration to go deep

the achievements of deep earth exploration technology and equipment exhibited this time are divided into four technical topics: deep earth electrical structure detection, density and magnetic structure detection, velocity structure detection, drilling and borehole detection, which represent the highest level of deep resource exploration in China at present. In terms of electrical structure detection technology, there are high-sensitivity broadband electromagnetic, space-time array wide area electromagnetic detection system, high-power well ground electromagnetic imaging system, distributed multi parameter high-density electromagnetic detection system, long-period distributed magnetotelluric observation system; In terms of density and magnetic structure detection technology, there are ground high-precision digital gravimeter, ground high-precision absolute gravimeter, high-precision DC excited proton magnetometer, excited nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometer, dgb-8 digital helium optical pump magnetometer, cesium optical pump magnetometer, geophysical multi parameter constrained inversion technology and software system; In terms of velocity structure detection technology, there are portable distributed telemetry seismic exploration system, new technologies and software systems for seismic processing and interpretation of metal mines; In terms of drilling and borehole detection technology, there are a complete set of technical equipment for 4000 meter geological core drilling, jw-8d underground electromagnetic wave tomography system for this batch of joints, large depth and small caliber multi parameter logging technology and equipment, automatic and intelligent core drilling technology and equipment

the staff told that the comparison test of the high sensitivity and wide screen electromagnetic sensor with similar foreign products showed that its performance had reached the level of similar foreign products; The high-precision digital gravimeter has broken through a series of key technologies, its indicators have reached the international advanced level, and has realized commercialization; The dynamic excitation NMR magnetometer has broken through many technical difficulties and filled the domestic technical gap; In the complete set of technical equipment for 4000 meter geological core drilling, xjy950 steel grade precision cold drawn seamless steel pipe and its drill pipe have reached the international advanced level; The measurement technology of cesium optically pumped magnetometer has achieved zero breakthrough; Geophysical multi parameter constraint technology and software system lead the world; The space-time array wide area electromagnetic detection system, high-power well ground electromagnetic imaging system and distributed multi parameter high-density electromagnetic detection system have been tested and applied in many mining areas, and good application results have been achieved

During the exhibition, many domestic and foreign experts and scholars visited and consulted the instruments and equipment with great interest, asked for equipment technical data, and sincerely praised the outstanding progress of China's resource exploration technology. Baki limit bolt is composed of conical insert block and connecting rod. In addition to consulting the parameters and performance of the instrument in detail, foreign guests from Stan, Peru, South Africa and other countries also discussed the use cost and price of the equipment, showing a strong intention of cooperation

The implementation of major projects of the 863 plan has greatly narrowed the technological gap between China and foreign countries in the field of resource exploration, initially achieved a technological leap from "follow-up" to "parallel", and also cultivated and established a number of technological R & D talents and R & D bases. We believe that these technologies will play an important role in future resource exploration and provide technical support for expanding deep resources and ensuring national resource security

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