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Major mergers and acquisitions in the global chemical industry

major mergers and acquisitions in the global chemical industry

May 31, 2017

[China paint information] the total volume of global chemical M & A transactions in 2016 fell for the first time since 2012. At present, the total amount of bulk chemical M & A transactions that have been announced but have not been completed in the world exceeds US $100billion. Due to the increasingly strict review by the regulatory authorities, some Mega M & A transactions face the risk of delay. In addition to the merger and acquisition of Dow Chemical and DuPont, as well as the merger and acquisition of Sinochem Group and Syngenta, which was postponed to 2017 due to the tightening of regulatory review, the merger and acquisition transactions between Sunway and Valspar, potash Corporation of Canada and Jiayang company, Bayer and Monsanto have also been planned to be completed in 2017. In the face of a highly competitive market, from rivals to partners, group heating seems to be a trend in various industries. This article takes you to review the major mergers and acquisitions in the global chemical industry in 2016:

BASF's acquisition of Yinfan chemical, kemitel and Henkel's Western European building materials business

1 BASF completed the acquisition of Yinfan chemical to explore the low-end market for automotive touch up paint. On April 20, BASF, a German chemical company, said that the company had signed an agreement to acquire Yinfan Chemical Co., Ltd., which specializes in automotive touch up paint business. This acquisition will expand BASF's product portfolio and gain a strong distribution network, which will strengthen BASF's dominant position in the rapidly growing Chinese automotive aftermarket

2. BASF acquired kemetall, a global surface treatment supplier, with us $3.2 billion. On June 17, BASF, a German chemical giant, announced that it had agreed to acquire chemetall, a leading global surface treatment supplier, under Albemarle, a US specialty chemicals manufacturer, for us $3.2 billion in cash. BASF said the acquisition would complement its paint and coatings business

3. BASF plans to acquire Henkel's Western European building materials business and strengthen its building materials chemical product portfolio

BASF and Henkel have signed an agreement on BASF's intention to acquire Henkel's professional flooring, ceramic tile and waterproof Western European business to strengthen its building materials chemical product portfolio. The transaction includes the sale of thomsit brand under Henkel's flooring business and thomsit trademark worldwide

4. BASF divested its inorganic business to Edgewater, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017. On November 18, BASF announced that it had entered into an agreement to sell its inorganic professional business to edgewatercapitalpartners, a private equity firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. Subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions, the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017

the EU restarted the 130 billion merger and acquisition investigation between Dow and DuPont or passed it in 2017

on October 3, the EU restarted the antitrust review of the $130 billion merger between DuPont chemical and Dow Chemical. DuPont and Dow said they would continue to work with the European Commission and expected the merger to be completed in early 2017

acceleration of global agrochemical integration Monsanto shareholders approved the merger with Bayer

at the special meeting of Monsanto shareholders held on December 13, American seed giant Monsanto announced that the company's shareholders approved the merger of Monsanto and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bayer Co., Ltd. According to the M & a agreement, Monsanto shareholders will receive $128 per share in cash at the closing of the M & A, with a total transaction value of $66billion

CHEMCHINA wants to acquire Syngenta for us $43billion and swallow German rubber and plastic machinery giant for 900million euros

1 CHEMCHINA extended its $43billion takeover offer for Syngenta to March 2

on December 20, CHEMCHINA said it had extended its $43billion cash takeover offer for Syngenta Switzerland to March 2, 2017. China National Chemical Corporation said in a statement that other terms and conditions of the acquisition offer have not changed, and it hopes to obtain the regulatory license that has not yet been reached in the first quarter of 2017

2. CHEMCHINA's 900million euros swallowed up the German rubber and plastic machinery giant

the largest investment of Chinese investors in Germany was finalized on January 11. The consortium led by China National Chemical Corporation, the largest chemical enterprise in China, will acquire Kraus mafi group, a German rubber and plastic machinery giant, for 925 million euros. Guoxin international investment and hande capital also participate in this transaction

3. On January 15, CHEMCHINA successfully completed its strategic investment in mercuriaenergytrade, a Swiss energy trading giant with an annual revenue of $100 billion. Through this investment, CHEMCHINA will become one of the important minority shareholders of mercuria energy, with a shareholding ratio of 12%

Evonik invested in the acquisition of fermentation amino acids, silica, special additives and other businesses

1 On November 28, Evonik industrial group of Germany signed an agreement with me tabolic Explorer (metex), a French biotechnology company, to acquire the fermentation amino acid technology of the latter

2. Evonik spent $630million to acquire the silica business of BER

Evonik industrial group (Evon, let's talk about how to keep the ceramic zigzag testing machine clean, IK) will purchase the silica business of BER (Huber), an American company, for $630million. Therefore, Evonik will expand the market position of this profitable and robust business in North America and Asia

3. Evonik successfully acquired the special additives business of air products company

Evonik industrial group spent US $3.8 billion to complete the acquisition of the special additives business of American air products company by the end of 2016. The transaction is scheduled to be completed on January 3, 2017. Yingkai Shi, chairman of Evonik industries group, said: "the successful completion of the acquisition has laid the foundation for the rapid integration of Evonik and the related businesses of the functional materials department of air products, which enables Evonik to achieve further profitable growth in the attractive special additives market."

axalta acquires coating companies in North America and Southeast Asia

1 Ashtar acquired dura coat, the leading manufacturer of metal coil coating in North America. On June 27, Ashtar coating system announced that the company had reached a final agreement to acquire dura coat products, which is a leading manufacturer of metal coil coating in the North American market. According to the agreement, aishide will initially acquire dura coat, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2016, and the remaining tradable shares will be completed in January 2019. This transaction requires the approval of relevant regulatory authorities and other customary closing conditions, and the financial terms of this transaction have not been disclosed

2. Ashtar paint system acquired high performance coating company in Southeast Asia. Ashtar paint system, the world's leading liquid and powder coating supplier, completed the acquisition of high performance coating D on July 1. The company is a leading supplier of touch up paint and coatings in Southeast Asia. The acquisition will expand aiside's product line and sales and service network in Southeast Asia, thereby strengthening aiside's ability to serve paint repair customers in the region

3. Ashtar successfully acquired the automotive thermoplastic coating business of United paint

on July 20, Ashtar paint system announced that the company had acquired the automotive interior rigid thermoplastic coating business of United paint and Chemical Corporation. The production will temporarily stay in the United coating in Southfield, and the Michigan plant will be transferred to the ASHTECH plant in a phased manner

AkzoNobel acquires BASF industrial coatings business

1 AkzoNobel completed the acquisition of BASF's industrial coating business with 475million euros

on December 15, AkzoNobel and BASF simultaneously announced that AkzoNobel had completed the acquisition of BASF's global industrial coating business, which provides support for construction, home appliances, furniture, wind energy, commercial transportation and other industries. The acquisition will strengthen AkzoNobel's leading position as the world's largest steel coil coating supplier. The amount of this acquisition is 475million euros, while the sales of BASF industrial coatings business in 2015 was nearly 300million euros

2. AkzoNobel acquired 100% of the shares of the Egyptian powder coating joint venture

on July 26, AkzoNobel announced that it had increased its shares in the Egyptian joint venture AkzoNobel powder coating Co., Ltd. from 60% to 100%. It means that AkzoNobel owns 100% of the joint venture. The transaction is part of accelerating market growth in Egypt and expanding the market in North Africa

PPG announced the acquisition of the remaining 50% equity of coating service providers meto Kote, deutek and univer

G company announced the acquisition of coating service provider meto Kote

American PPG industry company announced in June that it had reached an agreement to acquire coating service provider meto Kote, and it is expected that the acquisition will be completed in the third quarter of 2016, and the financial details have not been disclosed yet. Viktor sekmakas, executive vice president of PPG, said: through meto Kote's services, we can simplify the process of customers' procurement, transportation and application of coatings, optimize their business, and enable them to focus more on the design and manufacturing of products with core competitiveness

G acquires the remaining 50% equity of the Italian joint venture paint enterprise

PPG announced on November 11 that the company has acquired the remaining 50% equity of PPG Univer from its joint venture partner Italian Univer. The financial terms have not been disclosed. Jean mariegreindl, senior vice president of PPG, said: this transaction is crucial for PPG to expand its influence in the European market and will also help PPG make great progress in the Italian market

G completes the acquisition of paint manufacturer deutek

on January 5, 2017, PPG announced that it had acquired deuteks, an excellent paint and architectural paint manufacturer in Romania, from the European emerging Fund (EEAF) A. It is said that the sales volume of the company in 2015 was $30million, and the specific content was not disclosed

lanxess LANXESS acquires the cleaning and disinfection business of kejuya and Kemu

1 To expand new areas, LANXESS announced the acquisition of American kejuya company

LANXESS reached a new milestone on its growth track: the special chemicals company announced its plan to acquire American kejuya company, one of the world's major suppliers of high-quality flame retardants and lubricating oil additives. With this largest acquisition project in the history of LANXESS, the company will establish its own additive product portfolio and become one of the world leaders in this emerging market

2. LANXESS successfully acquired the cleaning and disinfection business of Kemu company

201 operating environment of gas spring performance testing machine: on September 2, 2006, LANXESS, a special chemical company, completed the acquisition of the cleaning and disinfection business of Kemu, an American chemical manufacturer. All relevant anti-monopoly departments have approved the transaction

3. LANXESS, a German special chemicals group, said it would acquire Chemtura (CHMT), a US listed company, for us $33.50 with a total value of about US $2.5 billion. Kejuya is a global special chemicals company, which maintains a global leading position in the fields of hot cast and injection molded polyurethane prepolymers, flame retardants, industrial lubricants, special chemicals, household chemicals and crop chemicals

Huntsman completed the design and manufacture of the electrical system of all European surfactant equipment, and put the safe operation in an important position. The agent business was sold and repaid in advance by US $260million


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