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XCMG's major technological innovation projects were listed in the National 863 Program

in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan, XCMG accelerated the transformation of growth mode, and another major technological innovation topic was listed in the National 863 program. After XCMG was recognized as one of the first batch of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises on June 17, on July 15, XCMG has been listed in the 2011 major scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and he hopes that the potential suppliers and COMAC cr929 project team will sincerely unite the project support list of "research and development and industrialization of 160 to 1200 ton large all terrain cranes", which has received government funding of 35 million yuan. A few days ago, it was also learned that the "1000 ton super large crawler crane" project declared by XCMG was also included in the National 863 plan project, and will receive 40million yuan of government funding support. This is also the largest financial support among the five similar national high-tech research projects undertaken by XCMG in the past

the national project approval of this project is based on XCMG's long-term commitment to the development of crawler cranes, with rich development experience, profound technical accumulation, excellent R & D team, advanced management system and world-class R & D and manufacturing resources. We have successively designed and produced a full series of crawler cranes with independent intellectual property rights ranging from 35 tons to 2000 tons. The industry it serves in the future can also be extended to military, aerospace and other fields. With crane super lift technology, mainframe and super large parts assembly and disassembly technology, foreign products also have many deficiencies, dual engine dual hydraulic system technology and many other key core technologies; The remote monitoring system based on gps/gprs technology and on-board computer control technology, and the software development based on the overall and structural parametric design technology of super large crawler crane are completed. In recent years, many achievements, such as the research and industrialization of key technologies of large tonnage crawler cranes, have won the first and second prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress. Among them, the overall level of 1000 ton and 2000 ton super large crawler cranes has reached the international leading level, and many technologies are the first in China

this project is led by XCMG and cooperates with three units in the industry to study the overall design technology of crawler cranes with a capacity of more than 1000 tons for major national engineering construction projects to meet the equipment installation needs of wind power, nuclear power, etc; Overcome key technologies such as design and manufacturing process of large flexibility boom; Complete the prototype and demonstration application of three crawler cranes with a lifting capacity of more than 3500 tons

As the leading unit of this project, XCMG has continuously strengthened the whole process management of new product development, actively promoted the Six Sigma management concept, and continuously improved the advanced design means owned by the company, such as proe three-dimensional virtual assembly design, ANSYS finite element structural analysis and optimization, Adams dynamic simulation and motion analysis optimization, CAE AMESim hydraulic system virtual simulation crawler crane machine design software, etc, The advanced erp/sap information management system is adopted to establish its own test system including performance testing laboratory, system test, professional laboratory (including control laboratory and electrical laboratory), manufacturing technology laboratory (including welding laboratory and surface technology laboratory, which can be completed in the company) and product commissioning site. XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 1000 mu, and has domestic advanced CNC cutting equipment, efficient automatic welding equipment, CNC machining center, assembly line, coating line and other specialized, CNC, linear manufacturing units. On the basis of this, a standardized and perfect R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and management system has been formed. It will also rely on the testing center of XCMG group, the national electrohydraulic control engineering technology research center of Zhejiang University, the State Key Laboratory of fluid transmission and control, and the test center of the school of mechanical science and engineering of Jilin University to realize resource sharing and comprehensively ensure the R & D and verification of core technologies and high-tech products

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