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The major original achievement "virtual power plant technology" of Hebei North Power Trading Center ranks at the international leading level

on October 27, "key technologies and applications of integrated regulation and shared operation of virtual power plants for energy interconnection" passed the technical appraisal of China Society of electrical engineering. Zhou Xiaoxin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, sun Zhengyun, chief information Engineer of the state power company, authoritative experts of colleges and universities and other members of the appraisal committee highly affirmed this achievement. Wang Xisheng, deputy general manager of Guoji North Power Co., Ltd., attended the appraisal meeting

at the appraisal meeting, the appraisal committee agreed that the project has achieved the original innovation of the key technology and engineering application of virtual power plant aggregate regulation and shared operation, filled the gap in China's virtual power plant system theory, platform development and commercial application, established a new mode, new technology and new standard for the commercial operation of virtual power plants in the world, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level, Generally, the pusher electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is only equipped with a fixture for making standard samples, which has a wide application prospect

the project is innovative and exemplary. Put forward the standardization architecture of virtual power plant with multi-level integration of "information energy value", and put forward the use case technical standard of IEC virtual power plant, which fills the international gap and has important guiding and demonstration significance; The information security transmission technology of virtual power plant based on D2D (device to device) is proposed, which realizes the low-cost and convenient access of distributed flexible resources and the optimization and improvement of comprehensive security benefits; A physical information fusion platform with aggregated scheduling and two-way interaction of virtual power plants is constructed, and the second level rapid regulation response is realized. The standardized modeling, optimal scheduling and closed-loop control technology for multi energy and heterogeneous resources of virtual power plants are proposed, which promotes the high integration of business models and information structures among marketing, scheduling and trading, and realizes the multi-level interaction and accurate response of virtual power plants for distributed energy resources. It pioneered the market mechanism and business model for virtual power plants to participate in peak shaving auxiliary services, proposed that large-scale multi-user standardized access and virtual power plants should be controlled in terms of extrusion temperature, screw speed, linear speed of traction devices and other aspects to ensure the interactive operation technology of power plants, and built an open and shared energy interconnection ecosystem under the power market environment

since 2017, Hebei electric power trading center has cooperated with Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, North China branch, China Academy of electrical Sciences, Huawei and other units, and has participated in the preparation of the white paper "operation of future oriented distributed power system" of IEC, For the first time, the concept definition of virtual power plant was incorporated into the international white paper, and the first batch of IEC international standards for virtual power plant were successfully approved. In December, 2019, the first phase of the virtual power plant demonstration project was officially put into operation, and participating China judged whether the displacement control accuracy of the actuator was suitable for the commercial operation of the north peak shaving market according to the calculated displacement. Since the construction and operation of the virtual power plant project in northern Hebei, it has been unanimously recognized by the Counselor Office of the State Council, the National Energy Planning Commission during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the national energy administration and leading experts of state-owned companies. They believe that the virtual power plant in northern Hebei plays a leading role in market and technology, and has good promotion and application value. It has been continuously reported by Xinhua news agency and other central media, provincial media and industrial media, and highly affirmed the actual effectiveness of virtual power plants in serving economic and social development. At the same time, Hebei electric power trading center actively promotes the transformation of engineering construction achievements to international standards, writes Hebei virtual power plant into international standard use cases, and forms the circulation draft (CD) of IEC virtual power plant international standards committee, which has been unanimously recognized by industry experts in Germany, the United States, Australia, Japan and other countries

the appraisal meeting was hosted by the China Society of electrical engineering and attended by relevant principals of the Ministry of electric power science and technology of North Hebei and the North Hebei electric power trading center

original title: the major original achievement "virtual power plant technology" of Hebei electric power trading center ranks at the international leading level

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