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IP MAN (kechuangxia) Huiju helped Hongyao lighting catch the "high-speed train" of artificial intelligence

in the era of artificial intelligence, new composite materials such as carbon fiber that constantly appear in Jiangsu honger are also driving the growth of all composite materials. Intellectual property rights and scientific and technological innovation of Yaoyao Lighting Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyao lighting) fly together, and won the outstanding intellectual Business Award at the Huiju 2018 international intellectual Business Festival Summit Forum and award ceremony, Lead China's lighting industry with strong strength

In the interview, Li Xuewei, general manager of Hongyao lighting, revealed that the company's affinity with Huiju began with the introduction of friends. At that time, my friend asked me if I was interested in applying for high-tech enterprises, and I just had plans in this regard, so I decided to cooperate after communicating with Huiju commerce. Li Xuewei said

Li Xuewei believes that intellectual property plays a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises. After completing the declaration of high-tech enterprises, the company received certain financial subsidies, which is not a small help for start-ups. At the same time, the bidding work of the company has also been carried out more smoothly. With the advent of 5g era and artificial intelligence era, the role of scientific and technological innovation is becoming more and more powerful, and intellectual property is a powerful embodiment of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation

with continuous breakthroughs in intellectual property rights, Hongyao lighting won the outstanding intellectual property award at the Huiju 2018 international intellectual property Festival Summit Forum and award ceremony. With regard to Huiju 2018 international knowledge and Business Festival, Li Xuewei said: after participating in the event, I have a deeper understanding of Huiju and realize the importance of intellectual property rights. The unique opinions expressed by experts at the New Year speech evening made me have a more accurate understanding of the future direction of economic development, and the whole activity has yielded a lot

he and the driver went to Linyi to contact cooperative enterprises to catch up with the good era of entrepreneurship

the post-80s joined the lighting industry

talking about entrepreneurial motivation, Li Xuewei frankly said that he was born in a poor family. Due to the lack of funds, his study came to an abrupt end in the first semester of high school. Fortunately, born in the 1980s, he caught up with the good era of entrepreneurship. As the birthplace of Li Xuewei, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province is a large-scale street lamp production base in China. Against this background, Li Xuewei decided to join the lighting industry and fight for himself and his family while he was young

however, everything is difficult at the beginning. Li Xuewei, who has no funds, contacts or even office space, felt great pressure at the beginning of his business. Li Xuewei recalled that this is how the company was established with an office and several computers. At the same time, Li Xuewei took network sales as a breakthrough and accumulated funds and contacts in his increasingly insistence

after several years, Hongyao lighting has developed into a scientific and technological lighting enterprise focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of system integration applications in the field of solar lighting. The plant covers an area of 10000 square meters and has advanced production equipment with an average growth rate of about 10% in the "1025". Its high pole lamps, single arm lamps, double arm lamps, combined lamps, courtyard lamps, projection lamps, lawn lamps and other products rely on high safety, high reliability Fast response speed, green environmental protection and other advantages have been loved by the majority of customers

marching towards asset light companies

making smart streetlights also has the strongest in the field of foreign famous material enterprises such as Evonik, heshibi, Jinhu Rili, Baoli, Bosen, etc.

with the continuous development of the lighting industry, Hongyao lighting has also faced new challenges. On the one hand, how to minimize the cost of the company's traditional street lamps on the premise of ensuring quality is a difficult problem that Li Xuewei needs to solve. On the other hand, smart streetlights have become a new favorite in the era of artificial intelligence, and the competition in this field has become increasingly fierce. In this regard, Li Xuewei believes that entrepreneurs must have a sense of advance, so as to lead the future development of the field of smart streetlights

in addition, making Hongyao lighting a light asset company is also Li Xuewei's vision. Therefore, Li Xuewei said that the company will continue to maintain close cooperation with Huiju in the future. He said: at present, we have chosen Huiju cloud products and services of Huiju, and we look forward to more cooperation with Huiju in patent and trademark applications in the future

with the spirit of continuous struggle, Li Xuewei, who caught up with the good era of entrepreneurship, has made a breakthrough in the lighting industry. After cooperating with Huiju, Hongyao lighting is proudly moving forward on the road of building a strong intellectual property enterprise. In the future, what kind of tomorrow will Li Xuewei lead Hongyao lighting to? Let's wait and see

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