The hottest iPhone obtained the patent of back tex

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IPhone has obtained the patent of textured glass on the back.

on May 14, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office announced that Apple has obtained 51 new patents, one of which is the textured glass design on the back of iPhone. The texture can be better held by users. It can also provide "decorative layer. Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology and customers will improve the appearance of the rear shell wall through the platform of ACTC R & D center". This patent was first filed in 2017

according to the search of the U.S. Patent Office, the experimental machine uses a small panel control system to control and collect raw data. This patent is an electronic device, which can include electrical components and other components installed inside the housing. The device may have a display on the front of the device and may have a glass layer that forms part of the housing on the back of the device. The glass layer can have areas with different appearances. The area may have a texture, may have a coating, such as a thin-film interference filter coating formed by a stack of dielectric materials with alternating PPI starting from a negative to positive refractive index, may have a metal coating and/or may have an ink coating. The textured surface can be formed on a thin glass layer and a polymer film coupled with the glass layer. The glass layer can be formed by a pair of coupled glass layers. The coupling layer can have one or more depressions or other structures to visually distinguish different areas of the problem layer that the universal testing machine of glass steel wire pays attention to in the breaking test

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