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IPhone se is coming, should domestic people worry?

recently, foreign media reported that Apple's spring new product launch will be held in Cupertino, its headquarters, on March 21

this is a very small press conference. Several new products will be released at the press conference, among which the protagonist is the iPhone se with a 4-inch screen (it is reported that Apple has removed 5 from the iPhone 5SE and renamed it iPhone SE). This new product will be equipped with A9 processor, built-in 12million pixel camera, the first official version of IOS 9.3, and the battery capacity is about 1600mAh

in addition to the 4-inch new iPhone, another new product in the press conference is the iPad pro. Compared with the 12.9-inch version, the screen of the new product is 9.7 inches. Other designs will be basically consistent with the original 12.9-inch version, such as four speakers, the same color matching, etc. this new product will also be equipped with a9x processor, and will also support the new Apple stylus and keyboard kit

in addition, apple must not only strive for the lowest price, but also introduce a new Apple watch strap at this conference

it is reported that the maximum price of iPhone 5SE will not exceed $500 (equivalent to RMB 3280), which is quite expected

after iphone6, Apple has started the era of large screen. What is the reason for returning to small screen now? Will the new iphonese and iPad Pro succeed

I. Apple's crisis

last month, Apple released the first quarter performance data for the fiscal year 2015-2016 as of December 26, 2015

data show that Apple's net revenue in the quarter was $75.872 billion (equivalent to about 499.1 billion yuan), an increase of 2% over the same period last year; The net profit was $18.361 billion, an increase of 2% over the same period last year. This growth rate is far lower than expected, and Wall Street analysts have lowered Apple's target share price

in fact, in the first three trading days of 2016, Apple's share price fell continuously due to rumors of unfavorable sales of iphone6s. Since the birth of phone6s, its sales have been questioned in all aspects

as early as October 2015, the first month after the birth of iphone6s, Barron Weekly reported that Apple cut the orders of iPhone 6S and 6S plus components by 15% to deal with the weak sales

in November 2015, Credit Suisse announced that it had confirmed from Taiwan's industrial chain that Apple cut some orders for iphone6s in November and would reduce the order size of iphone6s in December

Nikkei, the authoritative Japanese media, once again expressed doubts about the sales of iPhone 6S on January 8. According to Nikkei, Apple will cut orders for iphone6s and iphone6splusby about 30% in the first quarter of 2016, so as to clear the backlog of channel inventory

the news of the supply chain has also constantly confirmed the media's speculation. In a report on January 7, the China Times said that Zhengzhou Foxconn, one of Apple's OEM manufacturers, had stopped hiring, and Zhengzhou Foxconn even received job stabilization subsidies from relevant departments. In the view of the outside world, this is the compensation Apple received for the reduction of orders without layoffs. In the iPhone industry chain, panel manufacturers and camera manufacturers are also in urgent need. Apple is in trouble

in the past few years, Apple has become increasingly dependent on iPhone, which contributes more than half of its revenue and profits. If iPhone goes wrong, Apple will have problems

the iPad has been declining for several consecutive quarters, and this trend is more obvious after the launch of the large screen iphone6

although the sales volume of MAC is rising, it is a drop in the bucket for apple, and it doesn't change much. Apple cars, apple pay these promising things are far from large-scale benefits, and apple urgently needs new products to get out of the crisis

second, the intention of iPhone Se and small-size iPad Pro

at present, and tablets account for 77% of Apple's revenue. Apple wants to be in a short period of time, so natus only needs to use the existing mold and make small modifications in production to see the benefits within a time. It still needs to start with these two products, so there is iphonese and small-size iPad pro

on the iPhone, apple is basically saturated in Europe and America. Last quarter, the sales volume of the U.S. market fell by 4%, and that of Europe only increased by 4%. In China and Japan, although there is still an increase of more than 10%, this growth rate has basically reached the ceiling. In the next few quarters, it is very likely that the growth rate in Asia will also fall below 10%

Apple's iPhone has occupied the high-end market, has grabbed 91% of the industry's profits, and the ceiling has been touched

to grow further, we have to reduce the price focus and explore new markets that we haven't done before. This is a little like Xiaomi's launch of red rice 1000 yuan machine in 2013

iphone se does not exceed $500, which is roughly the middle and high-end price of Samsung. Huawei's high-end Asia Pacific region will become the fastest-growing consumer goods flexible packaging market pricing in the future, and it is also a series of domestic price ceilings

in 2015, Huawei, vivo and oppo at the RMB price increased rapidly and made a lot of profits. Now the iPhone se is coming, which is hitting them

for apple, on the one hand, the launch of iPhone se can immediately improve sales, including people who were previously unable to buy new iPhones

on the other hand, Apple also hopes to accelerate the replacement of old iPhone users through low-cost new products, expand the user population of Apple pay, and obtain more benefits in payment

Apple's iPad Pro didn't respond well after its launch. Apple may think that the price of iPad Pro is too high. IPad Pro faces the commercial market, and the third-party support of the commercial market is very important

the ecosystem of iPad and iPhone is closer to entertainment than the commercial productivity market. As a result, apple encountered the trouble of Mac that year, because there was no application, and the iPad Pro was used for small purposes and could not sell well. The worse the sale, the lower the enthusiasm of the third party

in this regard, apple wants to use the low-cost 9.7-inch iPad pro to increase the volume, increase the enthusiasm of third-party development, and open up the commercial tablet market

III. Apple's impact

personally, I don't think Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro will have any good effect. On the one hand, the tablet market is shrinking, the iPad has declined for several consecutive quarters, and people's demand for tablets is declining

on the other hand, in the commercial market targeted by apple, 2-in-1 notebooks can run windows, and the processor performance is also more powerful. Apple has no advantage

even if the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is cheaper, it will not bring much sales, and the third-party problem still cannot be solved

iphone se is completely different, because the brand is more attractive to show at any time. Apple traditionally uses old products for the middle and low-end market. At this time, there will be a market for a new processor that supports new functions at a new low price

in fact, compared with Xiaomi 5, which sells 3000 yuan, there is no advantage in product power. It depends on the brand and premium to sell at a high price, and Apple's falling to this price range will severely hit the premium of these brands

this is similar to Volkswagen using the old model platform to launch low-cost A-class cars with less than 100000 yuan. Although the configuration of domestic cars is not poor, the brand power is not good, and they are rushed to the price range of 10000 yuan at once

therefore, domestic brands that were originally around 3000 yuan will be quite impacted, and iphonegmis= (g)........................ formula (13 ⑴) se helps Apple improve its financial reporting in the short term

iphone se is coming. Huawei should be careful

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