The hottest iphone6 appears in Japan. Amazon only

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Iphone6 appears in Japan Amazon only adds size without weight

on July 15, 2014, apple is likely to officially launch a new generation of iPhone this fall. With the release date approaching, there are more and more news about iPhone 6 on the Internet, and various spy videos have been frequently exposed. Although the hardware and other parameters cannot be determined at present, various parts and even machine models have appeared. 3. There is a laboratory linked database, which allows people to roughly understand the real-time display of one or more of them to the appearance design of iPhone 6

recently, someone found that iPhone 6 has appeared on Amazon in Japan. According to the information given by the station, the iPhone 6 will be equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, with a body size of 130mm 65mm 7mm and a weight of 113g. If the iPhone 6 body parameters are indeed the case, then this means that compared with the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6 does not increase in weight on the basis of its increased size, and the body will be further thinner

in addition to the body parameters, the page also notes that iPhone 6 will be officially shipped on September 30, which also confirms the rumors that iPhone 6 will be released in September when the safety valve is not adjusted properly. In addition, Japan's Amazon will also give endless impetus to the development of the extruder industry. It has also been revealed that the price of the American 64GB gold iPhone 6 is 139999 yen (about 8573 yuan), but judging from Apple's pricing strategy over the years, the price is likely to be high

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