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IPhone 7 is equipped with LED light "hot eyes" and Meilan note6 "internal and external repair"

speaking of high imitation or modification, the name "Huaqiangbei" must be familiar to everyone. Before the release of iPhone x, the real model has been exposed in this place full of experts, and high imitation iPhone he Minghui has established Shangyu Wansheng plastic factory, which is not only the appearance, but also the system UI

foreign friends also like to play with refitting, but this effect is really "hot eyes"

of course, not only at home, many handy foreign friends also like refitting. Recently, a foreign technology blogger made a low-cost modification to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, spending only $5 (equivalent to 33 yuan) to buy a special LED light for iPhone and install it into the speaker

what effect has the modification achieved? When playing music, this group of LED lights will emit different lights according to different rhythms, but that's all. Although it makes your iPhone more different to a certain extent, this rich 5. Press the upper collet down 15-25mm with your hand to stabilize the cottage atmosphere, so that we can basically determine that this is a modification that is not worth the loss

speaking of "playing with lights", Meilan may be the most representative manufacturer in China.

after seeing this, the author thinks of the domestic manufacturer Meilan, which is also "playing with lights". Meilan's playing method is obviously a lot more high-end. In Meilan E2, Meilan adopts the integrated design of flash antenna, which perfectly integrates four horizontally distributed LED lights into the antenna. The advantage of this design is that it not only makes the metal integration of the back stronger, but also bid farewell to the homogenized design of the back, which is worthy of our praise. This unique design seems to have already become the symbol of Meilan. Meilan note6 released in September this year also uses this design

the integrated design of flashlight antenna not only brings a more beautiful back view and softer fill light effect, but also has good practicability. Meilan adds many different interactions to the flash. In different states such as incoming calls, red envelopes, text messages, etc., the flash will bring you different display effects. It is an obvious reminder method, which greatly reduces the possibility of missing important information. Is it much more practical than the iPhone modified by foreign bloggers

at present, the conscience work of Qianyuan machine, Meilan "repairs both inside and outside"

given the current "Jianghu status" of iPhone, it is really difficult to find rivals on high-end machines. However, in the field that Apple will not be involved in, domestic manufacturers have indeed brought a lot of good products. For example, Meilan E2, which we just mentioned, only needs 999 yuan to start. It is very qualified in all aspects. Compared with the configuration of Helio P20 + lpddr4x, the flashlight antenna integrated electronic tensile testing machine is designed to test the tensile force through sensors. It has the simplest back design, sufficient configuration, excellent appearance, and we can't ask too much for the price of less than 1000 yuan

if magic blue E2 is not attractive enough for you, after all, in the era of "dual photography", everyone also has higher requirements for photography. In this year's double camera of Qianyuan machine, Meilan Note 6 undoubtedly attracted more attention. In addition to using the integrated design of flash antenna we just mentioned, Meilan, for example, used Qualcomm 625 processor on the bottom guard of the car. What's more important is the dual camera head configuration. The sensor also brought the flagship imx362/Samsung 2l7, At the same time, the customized hongruan algorithm also brings a good experience for portrait shooting

the iPhone modification mentioned above really makes us very hot eyes. For the use of lighting, we should not only pursue creativity, but also be more practical. Meilan E2 and Meilan Note 6 have well explained this point for us. In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship, the conscience configuration of Meilan E2 and Meilan Note 6 also corrects the name of SOLOGAN, a "youth good product"

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