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Coca Cola's diet coke launched new packaging

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core tip: on January 10, Coca Cola announced four new flavors and new packaging of diet coke

in addition to retaining the original diet coke, the new flavors are cherry, mango, ginger juice lemon and blood orange. At present, they are only sold in North America. They are fully listed in North America in the middle of this month and in Canada in February. The date of listing in other global markets is unknown

this is the first time that diet coke has released a new flavor in 35 years. The new flavor has been tested by a group of more than 10000 people, focusing on finding out what millennials eat and drink, and was selected after two years

the bigger and more noticeable change is the package called "high line" internally. According to the company's executives, "there is a striking color bar in the center of the silver gray can body

this design is not from a large international design agency, but from Kenyon Weston, a small British design agency, operated by Matthew Kenyon and Chris Weston. It is reported that Elyse larouere, 26, Coca Cola's design director, led the design project, while James Sommerville, Coca Cola's vice president of design, commented that the new packaging provided a new perspective

diet coke was launched in 1982. From (4) 0 ° C to 200 ° C (40 ° 3) 92 ° f), it initially targeted emerging yuppies - young professionals who need aerobic exercise in the urban professional class. After it was launched, with the brand appeal of Coca Cola, it gained nearly 20% of the market share caused by static electricity in the weight loss beverage market in the United States within a year, becoming the fourth best-selling soft drink, However, because the silver packaging of diet coke and the "diet" in its name made some male consumers feel that it was a drink designed for women, Coca Cola launched zero coke in black packaging in 2005

but diet coke is now facing a more embarrassing situation than it was then. On the one hand, the preference of young consumers is shifting from carbonated beverages to energy drinks, flavored water and other markets; On the other hand, in August 2017, coke decided to remove zero coke from the shelves of the whole line and replace it with a new "Coke Zero sugar". The market positioning of sugar free coke is obviously more coincident with that of diet coke. According to the latest financial report of Coca Cola in the third quarter of 2017, the sales volume of diet coke is still declining at a median single digit rate

it is worth mentioning that the new version of Diet Coke will fully use Acesulfame as a sweetener, which is 200 times sweeter than sucrose, so it only needs a very small amount to achieve the same sweetness

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