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Red Star Machine: different processing methods and technological processes of perlite

Red Star Machine: different processing methods and technological processes of perlite

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perlite industry is a new energy-saving material industry. In recent years, the global perlite market has continued to develop, with an average annual growth rate of 4%~5%. In what aspects can perlite be applied, and how can perlite be more comprehensively utilized? Red Star machine will show you the details

perlite is an energy-saving material that has become popular in recent years. The global annual output of perlite is 20million tons. China has found more than 40 mining sites in more than 10 provinces and autonomous regions, such as Shanxi, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, etc. It is an urgent problem for the perlite industry to comprehensively develop perlite mineral resources, produce perlite minerals and products for domestic and export, and improve their comprehensive utilization value

according to different processing levels, perlite products can be divided into four categories: Perlite raw ore, perlite ore sand, expanded perlite and surface treated expanded perlite

1. The beneficiation process of perlite ore is very simple, usually crushing grading drying. At present, there is no formal perlite beneficiation process in China. The general crushing and screening process is: raw ore - coarse crushing - Screening - medium crushing - Screening - coarse ore sand - Screening - fine tailings (tailings)

2. Processing of expanded perlite

the processing process of expanded perlite in China is: raw materials - crushing (jaw crusher) - crushing (hammer crusher) - Screening - preheating - baking. It can be used for cantilever Charpy sample hanging zigzag test firing - products. The principle process flow of perlite processing abroad: raw ore - crushing - drying - crushing - material storage - mixing and mixing (air classifier) - preheating (horizontal rotary heating furnace, vertical fixed heating furnace) - roasting - products (cyclone separation and discharge of exhaust fan)

3. Surface treated expanded perlite

after fine crushing, ultra-fine crushing and surface chemical treatment, perlite raw ore becomes a mineral filler with certain functions, which can be used in rubber and plastic industries. The process of chemical modification of perlite powder surface is: Perlite powder - heating and stirring - modifying additives - heating and drying - silane coupling agent - screening and degranulation - modified perlite powder. The production process of hydrophobic expanded perlite is similar to that of expanded perlite. It is formed by spraying waterproof agent directly to the expanded perlite particles with the rest of the heat while the perlite sand enters the expansion zone with the air flow, and then entering the separator and silo, and maturing into a film

4. Prepare silicate metal solution with perlite

use NaOH solution (140g/l). At 150 ℃, the customer service department seems to be a very simple occupation. The liquid-solid ratio is 0.9. Heat it for 1 hour to prepare sodium silicate solution for industrial use

the application method of perlite is not to complete the experiments of simply supported beam and cantilever beam. There is only one method. More application fields of perlite await your development. Red Star machine is willing to work with you to promote the rapid development of perlite processing industry

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