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Anti counterfeiting status of cigarette packet printing

today's cigarette packets can be said to be the carrier of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. Anti counterfeiting technology is not just a simple use of a certain technology in printing, but an anti-counterfeiting system based on prepress design, printing process, consumables, post press processing and other aspects. The anti-counterfeiting of cigarette packet printing is mainly manifested in the following:

first, the anti-counterfeiting of prepress design

the anti-counterfeiting of prepress design has evolved from the earliest manual engraving to the programmed and customized generation of plate patterns using computer anti-counterfeiting software. At present, the commonly used software of this technology includes: domestic Montaigne pattern and founder hyperline, Barco in Belgium, Jura in Hungary. Common anti-counterfeiting technologies used in cigarette packets include: Rainbow shading, relief shading, gradient shading, flowers, lace, line width change, miniature text, etc. 2. Usually, many products are added in the top cover, tongue and ear of the cigarette box. Through the combination with special ink, it can achieve the effect of plate texture with texture and optical discoloration, which can be comparable to the anti-counterfeiting line of paper money. For example, the soft bag "Lanjiao" of Chengdu tobacco factory and the "Yunyan" of Kunming Tobacco Factory

II. Printing process anti-counterfeiting

in the printing process, multiple process combinations such as offset printing, printing, flexo printing and gravure printing are used to increase the complexity of the process, which can make the printing of cigarette packs more difficult and effectively improve the difficulty of small-scale manufacturers in copying products. At present, most of the medium and high-end cigarette bag printing is the combination of a variety of printing processes. However, because the ordinary printing process is easy to master, the overall anti-counterfeiting effect of process anti-counterfeiting is poor

III. anti counterfeiting of consumables

in the anti-counterfeiting of cigarette packet printing, the anti-counterfeiting of consumables accounts for a large proportion, mainly through paper and ink to reflect the anti-counterfeiting effect. The paper-based anti-counterfeiting technology mainly includes: colored fiber paper, that is, colored fibers such as red and blue or colored small pieces (dots) are mixed into the pulp, or scattered on the paper surface before the paper is finalized. It has fluorescent reflection under ultraviolet radiation, so that the paper has colored fibers different from the paper itself. Such as the "red plum" of Yuxi cigarette factory. Holographic laser paper, laser anti-counterfeiting technology and paper are combined to make anti-counterfeiting paper. Using holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and special equipment, the holographic image is made at the specific position of the cigarette bag. There are full-size holographic laser pattern paper and local positioning laser pattern paper, such as "Yizhi pen" of Qingdao Cigarette Factory and "Liqun" of Hangzhou cigarette factory. Watermark anti-counterfeiting is a kind of text with light and dark lines or graphics made by changing the density of pulp fiber in the process of papermaking production. The gold medal "Huangguoshu" of Guiyang cigarette factory adopts this new product based on energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency and high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology, and its gold medal pattern has watermark dark lines. The anti-counterfeiting technology based on ink is mainly to add anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties into the ink binder, and make special printing ink through special processing. There are: fluorescent anti-counterfeiting. Under the irradiation of purple light, the same fluorescence can be seen in a certain part of the printed matter. The cigarette labels printed with this anti-counterfeiting technology include the "red flag canal" of Anyang cigarette factory, the special treasure "Camellia" of Kunming Cigarette Factory, etc; Luminous anti-counterfeiting means that you can also see patterns or words in the dark, such as the "Gutian wolf" of Longyan Cigarette Factory, and the torch pattern is still clearly visible under luminous observation; Temperature change anti-counterfeiting: when the heat source such as lighter is close to the specific position of the cigarette label or the pattern text, the pattern text will change. For example, Chuxiong roll EPS board is a good thermal insulation material, "Guiying" of cigarette factory and "xiniuwang" of Guiyang cigarette factory. There are also water anti-counterfeiting and some special pearlescent, golden sand series ink anti-counterfeiting and so on

IV. post press anti-counterfeiting technology

post press anti-counterfeiting technology, commonly including holographic positioning hot stamping technology (such as "Hongtashan" of Hongta Group), hot stamping concave convex one-time molding technology (such as "Big Red Eagle" of Ningbo cigarette factory with sound working mechanism), two-dimensional embossing technology (such as "a pen" of Qingdao Cigarette Factory), plate hot stamping anti-counterfeiting technology (such as blue "Guobin" of Chuxiong cigarette factory)

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