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Anti counterfeiting technology applied in daily cosmetics packaging

although there are many anti-counterfeiting technologies applied in daily cosmetics packaging, their anti-counterfeiting effect is not ideal. Because the anti-counterfeiting technology in these packages is difficult for some consumers to identify, such as bar code anti-counterfeiting technology and inkjet technology commonly used in daily cosmetics packaging, only the technical supervision department can judge its authenticity. Some of them can't play the role of anti-counterfeiting at all. Some manufacturers of anti-counterfeiting signs sell these signs to those counterfeiters for personal interests, resulting in the false appearance of anti-counterfeiting signs, and anti-counterfeiting signs can't be anti-counterfeited. In the packaging of some daily-use cosmetics, the anti-counterfeiting technology used is simplified. For example, a large number of counterfeit shampoo series such as Piao Rou, haifeisi and Pantene produced by Guangzhou P & G company have been found, only the bar code anti-counterfeiting of the bottle body and the production date and batch number anti-counterfeiting of the bottle bottom. These two anti-counterfeiting technologies are generally difficult for consumers to identify. Consumers cannot distinguish the authenticity when buying, which makes many consumers deceived. For the anti-counterfeit packaging of daily cosmetics, the following suggestions are put forward:

1 The deep research on the creativity and development of packaging structure makes the degree of imitation more and more difficult and the identification more and more simple. For example, plastic bottles or glass bottles of daily-use cosmetics should learn from the disposable packaging of broken wine bottles or beverage cans. After opening, the bottles of products cannot be restored to their original state, so that the packaging can not be reused, and the way for counterfeiters to counterfeit through recycling packaging is eliminated. You can also design these products from the uniqueness and innovation of packaging design. What are the application precautions and ordinary maintenance measures of pendulum impact testing machine? Do you know? Abnormal packaging. Generally, the design of these abnormal packaging does not meet the requirements of economic design. It is very difficult to make molds, and the requirements of processing technology are very high. The design of packaging structure is also very complex, which greatly increases the cost, such as pressure testing machine, tension testing machine, universal testing machine, etc., and also increases the difficulty of imitation, making counterfeiters unprofitable in the case of great risk, so as to stop counterfeiting, Although the cost of producers has increased, the final economic benefit is still greatly increased compared with the result of the prevalence of counterfeiting

2. Pay attention to the identifiability of anti-counterfeiting packaging. Although anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is also used in some daily-use cosmetics packaging, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to identify these technologies. Therefore, not only does it really fail to play the role of anti-counterfeiting, but also the manufacturers are not worth the loss. When developing new anti-counterfeiting technology, we should not only pay attention to the improvement of anti-counterfeiting technology in the difficulty of counterfeiting, but also pay attention to the effect of this new anti-counterfeiting technology after promotion and use. If consumers cannot identify, then this new anti-counterfeiting technology can be said to be invalid

3. When printing packaging, the printing factory should strictly control the whole process from the selection of originals, film production, plate making, and printing, and use advanced printing equipment to print high-quality packaging prints, so that counterfeiting is difficult to do

4. At present, the best application of anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is tobacco packaging, which is in the forefront of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting. Daily cosmetics packaging should learn from tobacco packaging, and combine a variety of anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies to increase the difficulty of imitation and counterfeiting, so as to combine the first-line anti-counterfeiting packaging technology that is easy to be recognized and accepted by consumers with the second-line anti-counterfeiting packaging technology that is complex and relatively slow to identify, Form a combination of anti-counterfeiting

5. At the same time, we should constantly research and develop new materials, new technologies and new processes, and use new equipment. Manufacturers should make reasonable investment according to their own needs, correctly design and use anti-counterfeiting packaging technology, so as to simplify the identification of anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods and make the detection authority accurate. At the same time, it also has high security. In addition, the anti-counterfeiting packaging of goods should be fully publicized and introduced, so that consumers can correctly grasp the methods to distinguish the authenticity, so that the anti-counterfeiting technology is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

with the development of science and technology, no anti-counterfeiting technology can be permanently anti-counterfeited. We can only constantly update the anti-counterfeiting technology, improve the safety and reliability of product packaging anti-counterfeiting, make the anti-counterfeiting packaging technology develop towards integration, scientization, and more perfect integration with packaging, and carry out anti-counterfeiting in the contradiction between anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting

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