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Anti static safety technology for steel barrel coating

1. Electrostatic hazards in coating production

the main hazards of static electricity are electric shock to human body, affecting product quality, and causing combustion and explosion. In coating production, many accident cases have proved that the ignition energy generated by electrostatic discharge can cause the combustion and explosion of solvent based coatings and powder coatings

the cause of electrostatic discharge in coating production is mainly due to the breakdown of the air between the two electrodes and the release of energy during electrostatic spraying, except that the coating may easily cause electrostatic accumulation during the high-speed transportation of the pipeline. There are obvious discharge concentration points on the electrode. In an instant, the concentrated release of energy is easy to produce spark discharge. In the space of suspended solids formed by electrostatic spray painting and electrostatic powder spraying, as well as the space of explosive mixture of volatile gas of organic solvents and air, it is possible to ignite flammable and explosive substances and cause fire and explosion

electrostatic discharge may occur when the human body contacts a grounded object when charged, or when the human body contacts a high-voltage electrostatic carrier. When the potential difference reaches a certain value, this kind of discharge may cause people to feel electric shock at least, and may cause combustion and explosion accidents at most

2. Anti static technical measures

(1) anti static of human body

it is not allowed to wear chemical fiber clothes into the spraying area and drying area in the coating workshop, but should wear anti-static work clothes made of conductive fibers and anti-static shoes made of conductive rubber

(2) anti static coating

when the coating workshop adjusts the coating, the static electricity flowing in the pipeline is roughly proportional to the square value of the flow rate. The flow rate of the coating in the pipeline should be limited, and the large pipe diameter and small flow rate should be used as far as possible

(3) correct grounding anti-static

grounding is the simplest and most commonly used measure to prevent static electricity. Its main purpose is to form an electrical leakage circuit between the object and the earth, to leak the static electricity generated on the object to the earth, and to prevent static electricity from being stored on the object. It should be noted that grounding is a measure to prevent electrification, not static electricity

(I have also made polycarbonate representative works such as iphone5c 4) anti static with electrostatic neutralizer

electrostatic neutralization is one of the main ways to eliminate static electricity. Electrostatic neutralization is accomplished by electrons. Electrostatic neutralizer is a device that can produce electrons and ions. Due to the generation of electrons and ions, the electrostatic charge on the object is neutralized by the opposite sign charge, so as to eliminate the electrostatic danger. There are many types of electrostatic neutralizers, mainly induction neutralizers, which are used to eliminate static electricity in the coating workshop

3. Anti static design in electrostatic coating

in steel barrel coating, at present, some enterprises still adopt electrostatic coating method. In this kind of coating production, anti-static design is a major labor safety and health design. Whether it is electrostatic spray painting or electrostatic powder spraying, the primary link of its anti-static design is the high-voltage electrostatic generator of the spray gun system. Under the rectified working current, it should have constant electric field intensity control. When the distance between the spray gun and the steel barrel changes, the current limit should not exceed 10% of the working current

weak and stable operation in the domestic ore market

the high-voltage electrostatic generator should be equipped with an automatic spark free discharger to release the residual charge on the high-voltage electrostatic generator when the high voltage is disconnected

the paint supply device and its pipes should be insulated from the ground, which should not touch the grounded components in the target direction of technical optimization. The coated steel barrel, spray gun support, shielding wire of high-voltage cable and pipeline in electrostatic paint booth shall be grounded

the operator should wear work clothes to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. It is not allowed to stand on the plastic plate or rubber plate to operate the distribution board, so as to avoid the human body inducing current in the static electricity field

the electrostatic paint booth contains organic solvent waste gas, so lightning protection measures must be considered when using high-altitude emission

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