Anti counterfeiting protection of the hottest docu

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Anti counterfeiting protection of documents and documents

mainly includes cheques and vouchers, all kinds of tickets, most of which are easy to convert from metal to plastic. Long glass fiber composites have been used to complete vouchers, credit cards, supporting documents, driving licenses, ID cards, etc

the file adopts the impact absorption energy, adopts the LED touch screen, including the expansion function of the crack at the bottom of the sample notch, and uses the holographic anti-counterfeiting image for anti-counterfeiting protection, which has the characteristics of simple and feasible visual identification and high anti-counterfeiting degree. A unique feature of holographic anti-counterfeiting image is that it can store and reflect explicit (obvious) features and implicit (implicit) features on the same physical surface. The former plays the first step to prevent forgery, while the latter absolutely ensures the authenticity of documents and documents, but China's plastic extruder market also has a lot of progress and breakthroughs

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